Currently, the pressure of our lives is full-on and we are struggling for balance. We either have too much work, not enough family time, or we are all work/family and have no time for ourselves.

This leaves us emotionally or mentally exhausted or both. This impacts our mood, our relationships with others and ourselves thus our productivity, happiness and ability to cope.

Contact Essex Therapy and let’s change that.

The pace of sessions is dictated by you, we can deal with long-term needs or simply day-to-day ones that require greater understanding. Sessions can be short-term or ongoing, the choice is yours.

Our approach is tailored and unique to you, and having a blended approach, ensures success in addressing any area that is important to you. Ensuring success in finally overcoming anxieties that keep us in an anxious exhausting state and block our personal growth.

With us, you experience a dedicated trained counsellor who is approved by the Professional Standards Authority. A Counsellor fully committed to empowering you in addressing any lifestyle difficulty.

Our Core Values

“ Trust is the active engagement with the unknown. Trust is risky. It’s vulnerable. It’s a leap of faith.”


Being Non-Judgmental
Holding Integrity
Practising BACP Code of Ethics

Our Mission

Embracing Diversity is the key to making us a stronger and more creative community

Our Vision

Everybody is important and deserves the best

The First Steps Towards Positive Change

We try to avoid painful feelings and seek out more pleasurable distractions in life. Our Internal struggles are often due to learnt coping mechanisms in early life.

Whilst it might have served you well then, it no longer serves your emotional and psychological needs today. So, reoccurring unhelpful responses grow and start impacting your behaviour, thoughts, emotions, self-worth, lifestyle or relationships, you know when it’s time to make a difference.

Our goal is to support you in overcoming current circumstances. We provide care for those experiencing anxiety, feeling low or depressed, emotions that feel out of control, or feeling stressed in life at work or at home.

We work face-to-face and online and what makes us different is we listen carefully and read between the lines uncovering what might really be going on underneath. A specialist post qualification training with Relate, in Couples relationships (Relationship building) and communication issues with others means that we are also uniquely placed.


Childhood is where we learn to relate to others, and this is where we can pick up poor communication skills. If something wasn’t ever challenged or spoken about, there’s a good chance that you have the same pattern of behaviour.

Counselling offers the chance to explore your interactions with others.  Are you a people pleaser? Under pressure, we often revert to familiar patterns.

Anger and Anxiety

Support with recognising triggers, developing coping strategies and gaining lifelong skills to eradicate unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Bereavement Counselling

Helping you to cope with the struggle of a significant loss and foster healing in a safe, supportive and confidential environment.

Isolation & Loneliness

Our current climate is vast. Social pressures are huge, we can often feel out of balance and this can affect our emotional wellness.

Work Related Issues

Counselling will explore with you work-related issues and how these may be impacting your personal life. Support with coping strategies and achieving a healthy work/life balance is possible. Managing conflict with others automatically leads to improving relationships if this is delivered well.


The past influences the present, feelings of shame, domestic/sexual abuse, controlling behaviour, OCD, depression, anxiety, abusive relationships, mental health difficulties, anxious parent, loneliness, lack of positive friendships/relationships, and trauma. Counselling is the key to finding answers to who you are and who you want to be, making positive changes in your work/personal life, choosing healthy friendships/relationships and taking healthy risks.

Counselling Children and Young People

Counselling can help children and young adults gain a better understanding of their feelings, thoughts and behaviours which leads to healthy choices.


Family therapy is useful when there are complications with expectations or differences, cultural beliefs and communication breakdowns. For blended families at times there are differentials in parenting styles, mental health difficulties (adult or sibling), there is a wide range of circumstances, illness and disability, separation and divorce or drugs and alcohol within the family if this resonates with you then counselling is the way forward.

Young People

Refusing to go to school, fussy eating, bullying issues, anxiousness, violent outbursts, witness to domestic violence, sibling rivalry, autism, bereavements, risk of being expelled, learning disabilities, ADHD, medical conditions, young carer, experimenting with drugs/alcohol, relationships and self-harm are all areas counselling can support.


Family pressures, family commitments, illness, being stuck in a rut, being financially stretched, lack of intimacy, blended families, sexual issues, same-sex couples/marriage difficulties, work commitments, regular arguments and feelings of being controlled and not being heard are all areas we support with.

Our prime goal is to be able to offer you a solution to meet your needs. Life takes its toll on all of us, we all have that inner strength and with the right support, you can make those changes. Essex Therapy can help and will commit and invest in you, you will succeed!!

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