Clinical Supervision by Clare Kiernan

I work as a supervisor with non-statutory and statutory agencies, including Organisations within Essex, universities, specialised schools, and local charity counselling services.

I provide supervision to counselling online, telephone counsellors, newly qualifying and qualified counsellors working with adults, children, young people and families with a range of presenting issues.

I previously worked and supervised for 13 years in the corporate sector in a range of areas including supervising staff who worked with complex children, young people and families with mental health issues, anxiety, and stress, ‘looked after’ children, children/young people with learning difficulties like ADHD, safeguarding and child protection issues.

As a Humanistic supervisor with extensive knowledge and experience, I am confident working from an integrative perspective. A person-centred core ethos creates the necessary environment, a safe space to reflect upon content and process of work.  Validation and sharing vulnerabilities will support your learning and personal growth.

Having a deep connection with your supervisor creates the opportunity to grow and discover things about yourself in a safe environment. It’s okay to make mistakes within a professional space where worries are respectfully acknowledged and addressed in an unconditional manner. To feel confident that your supervisor is honest and transparent in their approach, supporting you to build your competency skills by identifying and challenging when necessary.

My experience of good supervision involves encouragement in continued professional development, self-reflection and opportunities to discover hidden skills and strengths, Recognition and praise when it’s deserved, empowerment in taking risks, clear expectations and boundaries, confidence in supporting safeguarding matters if and when they arise, this would be part of the package I will provide for you.

Being a good supervisor involves passion, holding high ethical standards and integrity endorsed by the BACP code of ethics. A personal interest in you and offering an adaptable supervisory approach. Additionally, if required, my offer can include completing qualifying reports for colleges and training providers.

As BACP Ethical Framework states:
“All supervisors will model high levels of good practice for the work they supervise, particularly with regard to expected levels of competence and professionalism, relationship building, the management of personal boundaries, any dual relationships, conflicts of interest and avoiding exploitation”

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